walk with me.

ahhh...finally,an outlet,...an opening in2 my mind,..an outlet 2 "think out loud"...in my own language,and have you agree or disagree, believe or doubt,embrace or dispel, encourage or discourage,love or hate, but at the end of the day its a candid and head-on tackle on issues that are more perplexing than we ordinarily thought......this is a young 25yr old black male, an african, with an education,...& doubts inherent as to why so many things r why they are,...questioning the true meaning of some things we take as basic facts,....arguing & going on a battle with logic, & the basic human thinking and reasoning as to why we think the way we do,..."why man behaves and thinks the way he does"....so in summary, what are you to expect?..oh, pls do expect a mix of the spontaneous, d orthodox, d mundane, d hilarious, d "thought-provoking" & a lil bit more...a basic daily dose of infrmatn : i.e headline news in most fields from world renowned sources - current affairs,sports,health,lifestyle,gadgets,literature,entertainment n a lil mor.so wat more can i say, than welcome on dis trip thru d recesses of my "mind" & its workings, as u open ur mind's eye, lets take a trip through the paths i didnt have the courage to walk alone all these years, so gimme your hand and lets take a walk, jst d 2 of us, me n u..... & as we trudge through, you with your flash-light, & i with mine, i'm sure you will find some roads dat r also familiar 2 u as well........so i guess all that's left 2 say is,.....i hope,....we "don't get lost".

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