(poetry)...i'll be back in the morning......

what do i have? what can i give to this world, as i open my eyes to this brand new day?
i rise weakly from my bed, like all my strength was drained where i traveled to while i was asleep.
oh, that place,....filled with love & magic. i want to shut my eyes once again, & taste the sweetness of the dream.
but yet, the dream is gone, & i must face the realities of today.
i must face the criticisms of the things i do wrong, as i try to forget that dreamland, where there are no consequences & repercussions for my actions.
i wake up to face a world that moves fast, & seems not to care about my feelings, & the fears i harbor deep within.
i try to reach out for a hug, but only manage to try the impossible,.....cos it seemed like i was trying to grasp the air.
i look into the space,........& the void consumes me.
i'm starved of the feeling of love, of the feeling of loving & being loved.
i type with obstinate fingers, they do not wish to type, but i make them type none-the-less.
i sweat,.....but the air is warm, heavy & still. it's "wicked".
i'm alone in this dark room, as i try to pass my feelings through this "emotionless" screen.
i'm not trying to win any awards for fantastic poetry,
i'm just a young man, with a dull ache in the heart, a tear in the eye, and a longing for an audience.
my fingers have their wish, i stop typing for today,......soon to shut my eyes tonight & drift off to that world farrrrrrrrrrrr awwwwayyyyy,......
while i hope,......someone would be kind enough,............ to give me a hug there.

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