what av been up 2.

........ok people, i'm back.....sorry once again for being away for quite a while. i've been abit ill.
so enough about me already,......this time, i'm just going to freestyle & write without editing. i'm just going to write stuff that comes to my head,....theres a huge chance this is going to be whack, but what the hey,...."einstein needs a break evry now n then from all the brain work" (lol).
oh well,......i was thinking earlier today,.....about a month back,....i was working on a "budding relationship", with an old university friend,.....but she had some issues with indecision n i was having an issue as to why a gurl for no reason switches & all. i kept bugging myself if there was something wrong (yeh yeh,....shut up fellas,....i know some of you might be saying its cos shez "getting it" from some place else,.....or she's not feeling the kid, cos believe me, it had nothing to do with it). i asked & asked, & called & called......have never been in such a confusing situation before. i always believe in logic yeah, but this one defied logic. 1 day she was all luvvy luvvy,.....n in a matter of days, she was all "i dunno wats wrong wiv me,....the tot of having a bf's driving me crazy". i was on n on about this for weeks, but never got far, while i was going through mental torture to try & solve this puzzle. the solution was always tantalizing. so eventually, i just let her go. the day after, i felt bad,.....she was fine,...luvly, a "hottie",....she just slipped through my hands,.....how come,.....y????????!!!!!!!!! then the day after that,..........."phew",....i was on a high,.....free of the confusion. free of the strain of tryna fink 4 me n some1 else who i dont have an idea of how her mind works. "sometimes you feel a drink in a bottle is sweeter than a gallon of water you have been drinking for a while,....but then you try & try & try to open that drink to get a sip,.....& it doesnt open,.....you try harder & harder,....but still,.....nothing. then you decide to leave it,....& then realize that you've been thirsty all that while you've been trying to open the "sweet" drink,.....you take a gulp of water, & then realize, just how "sweet" you water can be."
i guess that's the best way to describe this experience,...do take care people,....i'll post up something less freestyle'ic soon. lol.
bee good.

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