dealing with pressure

pressure,.....a simple 8 letter word,....but yet so powerful in most of our individual lives. once we're old enough to reason independently,.....we start coming under some form of pressure, pressure from our folks to get good grades in school,.....pressure from our folks to get good grades in school,...pressure from our peers to do this & that instead of that & the other,....& then most of all, we grow older,.....pressure from ourselves, to do better than we presently are. Pressure in some sense is good, cos it helps to ward off some other "inhibiting" habits (like procrastination, lazyness, mediocrity etc). when you keep the pressure up on yourself, you are always on the lookout for a yourself,....with your mind set on a stedy upgrade,....n not being satisfied with just being average, & always wanting to top your last achievement. this is great,.....but sometimes we put unnecessary & unfair pressure on ourselves. when you get a result of an action you took & seem dissatisfied with it,......cos u feel u shoulda done loads better, firstly step back for a moment & look @ it from an objective viewpoint,.....without trying to make any excuses for yourself, look at the situation candidly & ask,....given the circumstances, could you have done better? lets take 2 cases as examples:

case 1: a pregnant single mother who works 3 jobs while preparing for an sat test, hoping to score high enough to gain a scholarship. i'm not saying its impossible, & clearly she does need this scholarship to help her in paying her school fees. automatically, she's already putting herself under pressure to do extremely well in her test,.....but then, if she doesn't do well enough to get the scholarship, it could be understood, cos the situation surrounding her inhibited her concentration while studying for the exams. this i term "unfair pressure".

case 2: a high school student, living at home with her parents, preparing for the same sat exams. if she aims at getting a scholarship, that's great,.....& if she puts herself under some form of pressure to do this & she eventually doesnt do that well. then, its understandable if she's "disappointed".

the key point i have to raise here is that in case 1,'s important to realise the difference between justifiable hindrances & excuses. making a clumsy excuse for not achieving a goal WILL NOT get you anywhere,..... but then again, as in case 2, when you do not have any reason as to why you couldnt achieve your goal, dont beat yourself up. its okay to feel disappointed, but dont let it linger, cos it'll continue to grow & meta-morph into some hideous monster that eats at you,....& might escalate into feelings of: inadequacy, insecurity, self loathe, depression etc. so just look at the situation,....the actions you took & the results you got. then point out the wrong actions you took,.... establish corrective actions you should take,......make a mental note of these,....& when faced with a similar situation next time, be on the look-out for this similar "pot-hole" & apply the corrective action "established".

its that simple,......& it sure beats getting depressed over a supposed "failure".

life beautiful people,....lets keep it that way.

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