fathers day gifts

its about that time again, when we are reminded by the calendar, about our fathers. as our faces differ so are our fathers. what i have to point out here is that, it's not actually called "good fathers day" or "most handsome fathers day" or "the richest fathers day" or any of the likes. it's just called "father's day", a day we appreciate the man, who contributed to bringing us into this world. a man whose blood, flows through our veins. on some other day, we can remember all his faults,....the things you may feel he did wrong, or the fights he had your mom, or how short he might be, or how ugly he might look,....but for father's day,.... love him,....for HIM.
so i'll give a suggestion for the different types of father's day gifts u could give your lovely fathers(depending on the peculiar father types) on their day:

the workaholic dad - throw him a "father's day" surprise party when he comes home from work.

the dad that's retired (or jobless at the mo) - take him out to somewhere nice (musnt really have to be somewhere expensive) eg the movies, an eatery, a restaurant, an art gallery etc depending on his likes.

the father that was never there (what i call absentee father) - find his contact details, & give him a call, just to wish him a happy's father's day. Depending on your disposition, you may decide to make it a long warm & emotional conversation or a short curteous one, but avoid any questions of "why were you never there pops" or "why did you leave me while i was that lil to run off with some bimbo" etc like i said, you could do that some other day, but on this father's day,.....keep it centered on showing him love.

the father that's in hospital - buy him loads of small lil teddy bears, & a mix of several "get well soon cards" & "happy father's day cards". the keywords here are "small" & "many", this is so that they make a cocktail of bright cheerful colours & wordings to uplift his mood & yet dont crowd his space in his hospital room. depending on if he's in a position to eat,....you could buy him his favorite meal (or better still prepare it your self), & bring it to him @ the hospital. if he's in a coma,.....just get a happy father's day card & his favorite CD, put it @ a volume low enough to be heard but not high enough to be a nuisance, & play it on repeat the whole day (even after you've left).

the father who you never seem to agree with - get him a nice simple casual t-shirt with "happy father's day" in front & something like "best dad" at the back. the keyword here is "hip looking". i'm not saying you should must get him a torn rocker style tshirt, but get him something that's not his age,....something young, about your age, that you know he'll be apprehensive about wearing but blackmailed by the inscription to wear it. caution: i repeat, do not go overboard by getting something he'll "hate" (& therefore not wear). i said "apprehensive" not "hate". you're not trying to get you father to look like a jackass,....but rather you're trying to make him look cool & smart in "something you got him". the undertone here is that, he can trust your judgement.

the father that's passed away - like i said, it's father's day, & not "alive father's day" or something. so as we celebrate with the father's that are alive. we have to remember those father's that are dead. go to his grave with a bouquet of flowers & his favorite cologne. when you get to the grave, spray a whiff or two of the cologne to give the place a feel of his presence,.....then you could just spend some time with him & talk to him as if he were there with you, fill him in on what's been going on since he's been gone, the laughs & cries,....in the end, remind him that you still love him & miss him so very much. wish him a happy father's day & then go home with the cologne, to remember him with.

so these are a few ideas of fathers day gifts you could give to your lovely fathers. for the father's that dont fall into any of the categories mentioned, just go for the regular: a silk tie, expensive wrist watch, business suit, nice pair of shoes, fishing rod, classical cd compilation etc.

oh well,.......hope i've been of some help in finding the appropriate fathers day gift this year, but do bear in mind, it's their day, so if you never did on another day,.....on this day,....DO SHOW THEM LOVE.

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