isn't she lovely ?

You’re in a room (or in church, or in an office, or in a house, or on the streets, or even in a damn police station), minding your own business, & doing what you do, when suddenly, ….. she walks in. her gait might not be perfect, (or then again, it might be,…..its more about whatever works for you), & this girl literally takes the breathe right out of you. Your gaze is fixed & you can’t seem to pull your eyes off her…..she might not be the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen, but inexplicably, she’s got your attention locked. You take a second to catch your breath, take your eyes off her,…..(“control yourself man! She’s just a girl”), you go back to doing what it is you were doing,…..but only for a couple of seconds,….cos your eyes go right back up to steal a couple of glances,…..if your eyes meet with her’s,…..then your heart melts away, & if not, then your heart cant wait to melt away. You are spell bound for the duration of time she’s in that room. No matter how much of a lady’s man or a playboy you think you are, you’ll feel your heart beating a little faster while she’s still in the same room with you. You try your best to concentrate, but suddenly 1 + 2 seems to be the hardest sum to do right now, & you find yourself reading the same line/sentence over & over again. It’s pathetic, it’s weak, ……… it’s beautiful, it’s human.

Moments like these remind us all that we still have those “mini-me’s” inside. Look around you, just take a moment from your busy schedule to look at kids in the playgrounds, running & laughing heartily. Remember when you used to be like that? When you didn’t have a care in the world, & when you didn’t have to shield your emotions. If you were happy, you laugh…….if you were angy, you frown,…..if you were hurt, you cry. Bask in those thoughts for a while,…..just kick back & loose yourself to those days………….ahh…….*smiles*….THEN SUDDENLY……. Snap back,…..& compare how your feeling about this new hot girl, to how you felt as a child & it’ll be clear to you, that the little boy still lives in you. He’s inside you, jumping & ecstatic, about this new girl, just as he would have been many years ago, about a new toy he’s been craving, unwrapped under the christmas tree.

I, for one, don’t believe in love @ first sight, & lust @ first sight is ……… just plain ol’ lust (@ 1st sight’s just to make it look “better” lol)……but when you see a gurl, that strikes you in that way, & brings out the “kid” in you,…..i feel that is something worth checking out. Especially so, when you already admit to yourself that she isnt the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen, …… then go for it.

You may not agree, but it’s my opinion that you truly love someone when, if asked:


You pause for a while & answer:


……will explain more about this, in my next post.


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