the relief

Days and days passed lol actually hours had just passed and I was feeling a lot better, its weird that im black and find solace most times in rock music, it just frees me up, either ways I was just out of practice for the day walking home thinking about things that had happened to me while I was in Nigeria and obviously india, I was like “whatever man” life goes on.. walking down the road I met a friend of mine, he should be in his 40’s and I hadn’t seen him in a while so I knew we’d talk for a long time. After the normal pleasantries in hindi, we got talk talking and the normal and obvious topic came up – in Mumbai, for me, he’s the most learned person I have as a friend, a successful life in Kenya, a good paying job and his family lives there aswell, he broke everything down to me, I had explained about the whole break up, problems at school , everything he said made complete sense, life is not about where you are, its about what you do – where you are, india is the worst place I have been, I have felt the full force of being hurt in many ways, but the hope for a better day to come remains, that “better day” will never come if you don’t face up and taking the rainy days head on, giving it all you have, never backing down, looking in the face of fear and bringing it to its knees, failure is constant, it’s the perseverance that keeps you going, one thing he said will always stick in my head “people will always come to you, to try to be friends, you might have good intentions but what if they don’t?? don’t put your trust in someone who cant break it…put your trust in God” even if youre an atheist it’s a fact that’s a concrete point. There’s always hope, there’s always a better day ahead, if you’re breathing, if youre reading this message, then what is it that you are cribbing about?? My brother once told me “give a day to those who are dead, do you think they’d spend it cribbing?? Even if they have just an hour to live”

Bad days always come they’ll never cease, living through them and coming out, clothes torn, face full of fatigue, whatever! You lived through it right? Give up hope, it simply means you couldn’t do what the other person could, there are no problems that are new someone else lived through them so why cant you, flick the dirt of your shoulder and let the real you emancipate.

Move with grace, endure with hope and survive with perseverance……..this world is at your feet….take it!

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chuchu ezeoke.

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