the world today

hmm,......gimme a word that goes with: libya, syria, yemen? is one word that aptly describes them. Geographically,.....yes, but with the recent trends,...some other words that might come to mind are: violence, crisis, revolution, conflict.
what's the problem, one might ask,...what's behind all this problems in countries that were (in the case of libya especially), once "docile". well...... to put it in black n white,.....i say their goverments av been giving them shit n the people just couldnt take it any more. like i say: "bullshit aint good for ur tummy, so dont take any". the leaders are money hungry & power thirsty people,....but their lust for these have blinded them from seeing their true identities in the wake of these violent upheavals. Their true identities being: "flesh hungry" & "blood thirsty" carnivores. They are ignorant of the fact that what they see on CNN, BBC, AlJAZEERA (& what other news channels you've been following) are real life incidents. the times you watch the news & u see mortars being fired & ak 47 bullets being shot,......we forget that some of these projectiles do hit some targets, & some people get hurt, some critical, & some even fatal. These are simple people fighting for a right to a better life in their own countries, rebelling against tyranny that has seen their cloaks ripped of their backs, as they were literarily left naked to bake in the dry merciless arab deserts. They were pushed back till their bare backs hit the rough walls,....& then their leaders forced morsel after morsel of pure bullshit down their throats, for years,....& yet they didnt complain. now for once,....they do complain,....& what do the leaders do? did the listen? (you bet your camel, they didnt) They got angry & opened fire on them. I watched CNN earlier today & saw a little 7 year orl girl in libya who had her leg amputated because of a mortar that hit her home. a girl, that little is being made to think about how to avoid mortars & shells,.....instead of things her age mates in some other countries worry about (dolls & slumber parties).
as i type this,....there's tears in my eyes, cos i just watched a video of an un-armed 18year old man( sarafaz khan : ), shot to death by some soldiers in karachi, pakistan. people who are to defend the citizens, are the ones killing them. If the poeple stand up and fight against such, would you call them crazy?...... uncivilized?......asking too much of their government?
it leaves me asking this somewhat rhetorical question........"what's wrong with the world today?"

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