av u ever heard a statement directed @ u with that word included in it......u CANT do it,....u CANT get it,......its impossible, u CANT achieve it.
definitely, most of us would av heard that, but with varying degree of conviction, & actually sometimes, rightly so, following logic, reason & taking situations into account.
well, we say in Naija, "na u get ur mouth" (you own your mouth), therefore, u av d right to say what u want. so when someone says, i CANT achieve what i set out to achieve, he has the right to, but it's now in my place to weigh the content of his statement.
what are the factors mitigating against what i'm setting out to do? itemize all of them, n then tackle them, one after another. remain focused, find solutions, seek advice, re-strategize (if necessary), come out with a stronger, more feasible blue-print, get constructive criticism, dot ur i's & cross ur t's & set out to achieve your goal.
no matter how difficult things might seem, (i'll av 2 edit a quote of michael Croleone in Godfather 2) : "if you've learnt anything in this life, anything is possible".
so as you set out to achieve what they say u CANT,........hehehe, & tell them : "you CANT imagine what i'm capable of".

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