love - hate paradoxes

today's article is me, giving a different view point on the issue of love & hate:


when young, it is exuberant, so vibrant & so beautiful. its innocence betrayed by its naivety. this last trait, it stubbornly hangs on to, for the duration of its life time. like i say: the lifespan of love, is the lifespan of the naivety. naivety is to love, like oxygen is to man. as love grows, it might not be as pretty as it was when it was just a baby, it might not be as cute, or innocent, fact is it might be wrinkled, old & haggard, battered by missiles thrown @ it by everyday life. it's smile is weakened, by beliefs it held on to that were true, but over time have been proven wrong. it has a voracious appetite, as it feeds on your strength & will, tugging hard on your tear ducts every time its threatened. love is stupid, requiring you to do what other emotions dare not consider, & logic almost always contradicts, & to show you the extent of how stupid, even though it often involves four eyes, (or in the case of the odd love triangle - 6 eyes , & more in other crazier cases), it is still termed as blind. "love is truly blind" , cos sometimes the resulting actions as a result of this emotion is beyond belief. Love is patient & soft, enduring all thrown @ it, & still keeps a happy (maybe battered, but happy none-the-less) face. love can be said to be weak, this is much unlike......
HATE. hate is calculated, calm & focused. it doesn't ask 4 2much food emotionally, all it requires of u is to feed it d same meal everyday,......just 2 "remember the incident that gave birth to it" thats all. it grows as much as u feed it,.....but then, it's a resilient emotion, unlike love, u might not feed it in weeks/months, but the day u remember, it springs right back to life. it doesnt need 4 eyes, heck it doesnt need an eye @ all,.....just a strong heart & a ruthless mind, & it can grow bigger than a wild tree. it doesnt forgive, it doesnt pardon. it relates reasonably well with logic, & most times, regardless of how harsh its repercussions, it is easily understood. over fed hate, (just like love, sometimes) lies to you, but pure hate, is always truthful, always business like, & always blunt.
but alas, the ultimate paradox is that, even though hate requires little feeding & love requires to be feed alot, the truth is love never consumes u, the only time it ever will, would be when it turns to HATE.
there's a thin line between love & hate, & even love with all its stupidities, is a more beautiful emotion, intoxicating & refreshing, than is hate. yes, it might demand that we give in 2 "fantastic" thinking & a pinch of illusions every now & then, but lets face it, that's what life is about, we are born to die, but we always push that thought to the back of our minds, & live & enjoy the moment (which is an illusion in itself).
so love, because, it's part of our human nature, dig deep, find it, & live it.
p.s: the depth to which we must dig to find it is relative to every human, cos @ times, life & various events, might have buried our capacity to love, deeper than it might have for others.

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