*sigh* back again

sorry (once again),
i know , i know, i've been away for a while, ( a very long time). i didnt give up though, i was off, travelling & chasing other aspirations. been tossed n turned by the world, but guess what? i'm still standing, n my head up, eyes sky-wards, looking @ the grey clouds through the stormy rains, eyes drowned in rainfall but the gaze still fixed nonetheless. my behaviour hasnt been perfect nor my achievements "THUS FAR" enviable, but my faith's still dogged, in Christ who is my hope & restoration.
in summary what am i trying 2say?........simple: "big things cometh soon".
so how is everyone? to those that miss my writings n articles,....i'm sorry if i let you down, by ignoring this blog, & to those that didnt miss me? well i'm back, DEAL WITH IT. i'll try to be online abit more often, n post a bit more frequently k?
i'll also open up the comments section soon, so spread the word, & encourage a bruva.
fanx all,
God bless.

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