finding your alter egos

In the silence of your heart

I think that time we spend in the dark recesses of our homes,…..our rooms, our cells, wherever it is that we live in,…..the “alone” time we spend there, is what defines us individaully.

So what do you think about when you’re in your room, all alone with just your thoughts. If your thoughts were given life & form, and is a human being, in that room with you, what would it look like? Would it be some pretty “snow-whitish” girl, innocent in mind & body, or would it be some hideous creature, hunched back with evil flashing a maniacal grin betraying the hunger for murder within? Would it be an old wrinkled face with battered features, in contrast to your youthful self. Old & wrinkled from the pains and trials of life, experiences beyond your years, sorrow begetting tears. Or, would it yet be a religious, upright Priest of God (or some other religious personnel). Or then again, it just might be a super athlete, with medals round its neck, & you smile as you see it ; jump,……run,….jump again, run,….skipping through the 400 metres hurdles like an impala in the wild., as it closes in on the final hurdle, you smile & imagine it, while you sit in your wheel chair, & indulge yourself in a moment of fantasy.

These thoughts are a true reflection of who we are, when we are free from the inhibitions & shackles of reality, & allow our dreams roam.

So why don’t you try it, take a minute or two. Go into your room, lay down on your bed, facing the ceiling, shut your eyes & take 10 deep breaths ( to relax your mind), in alternation with shorter breaths (10 as well), and gradually, afetr the breaths, just focus your mind on you, firstly start by how your day went, then while your rec-collecting your thoughts, then try & look at yourself from a CCTV kinda view as you watch yourself go through your day. From the house, to the bus station, you watch yourself, rifle through your work papes, sip coffee, or whatever it is you did through your day, & then after your done with re-collecting your day, & watching yourself go through it, switch. Now imagine yourself, from the moment you woke up, but now in a different light. Imagine yourself, the way you would have wished to be: a super hero, a serial killer, a fireman (even though you’re a vetinary doctor in real life, lol), etc. Now imagine yourself, making your way through the day.

If in the end, you always imagine yourself doing evil, then try & start putting in an effort to ward off those thoughts. A visit to the shrink wouldn’t be out of place, because there might be some latent issues inherent that havent been dealt with, & the wrong situation would bring out this personality in you. On the other hand, if your thoughts are pure & beautiful, do well to indulge, because every now & then, we need those escapes from life’s realities & harshness.

Goodluck in discovering your alter-egos.

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