from the eyes of a bird

it takes off from the tree which it has called home for a while now,.....from the swampy crevices of lagos, it emerges, spreading its huge wings it glides, cutting through the humid, dense & pertinacious air that is characteristic of the area.
as it glides on, it sees two young men go at it,......1 shouting at the tops of his voice, with a bloodied mouth, while the other still stands in a some distance away, with both fists clenched & his guard up. onlookers try to separate & douse the fighting, some other people pour some water on the bleeding man's mouth to try & stop the bleeding.
it glides higher as it spots a few men in black been drawn to the scene, we wouldn't want a case of accidental discharge on our hands now would we? (if you're nigerian you'll know what i mean).
from it's higher altitude, it moves quietly through the cooler air, looking down on the crazy traffic on ikorodu road, i'm sure at this moment, it would be saying to itself, "unlucky bastards, i bet they wish they were me right now".
it continues its flight through this rugged city, changing altitude intermittently, the danfo buses weaving a crazy haze, & the okada riders, meandering and defying death with every swerve of their bike handles, smoke bellowing out of a shop that just caught fire, neighbours pouring as much water as quickly as they can draw them out of the wells, little kids playing ball in on a street close, as a few old wrinkled men gather around a small lotto store, trying their luck @ a chance for one quick leap up the social ladder, younger men, @ the local beer parlor drinking & eating nkwobi, pepper soup & other local delicacies, with loud music blaring unapologetic-ally in the background. it's just a normal day, in the life of a lagosian, .........but.......'s there finally, the favourite spot,.....the noise is crazy, customers trying to haggle the price with the butchers, while the steading sound of the blade hitting the chopping board gives a background beat to the cacophony that is the abattoir market trade. yes this is its favourite place in all of lagos,.....its friends are all here,....wishing they could salivate to show how excited they are.
it hovers,.....slowly, as it circles its friends, gathered around the left over carcasses.
after eating as much as the butcher affords it,'s had it's belly full of different varieties of meat, happy with a very succesful day, it takes off,.....flying like a drunk bird,......& it perches on top of a 17 storey complex, as it watches the city.
lagos, the eye of a vulture.

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