hope ( continued)

.......joe's eyes were on the skies, as he watched the moon cower behind the thick dark skies, just as his lil theresa was tucking in behind her father. Joe stood haplessly, but turned to his daughter, as she tugged at him in fear, & reassured her that everything would be ok.
now the wind was more fierce & the animals in his neighbour's farm were frenzied. a cranky noise followed, as he saw the roof of the poultry ripped off, as well as other shards of metals & hay blown about the place.
it was clear that standing outdoors wasnt safe anymore, so Joe picked his lil woman n walked back with a dejection in his face.
they locked up all the doors n shut all the windows tight. the electricity was knocked out, so he had to walk in almost pitch darkness, feeling on the walls, as he guided himself to the lil space that was their kitchen. he checked in the cabinet hanging (barely) on the wall, n pulled out the lantern, lit it & went rummaging through the cabinets. he got theresa a few of the cookies (softened by exposure to air) left over, & gave her some milk, as she sat down in the middle of the room, quiet & in fear. joe was quiet too, but not scared, @ least not particularly for their lives. as he looked out of the window, @ what he was scared for; "his crops". he watched as the storm outside ravaged, ruthless & unrelenting.
an hour & a half later, the storm was over, & he walked out to what was left of his field. his crops that he had been tending to & put his hope of surviving through the winter, they were all gone, DESTROYED!
His eyes welled up, & he let the tears fall, as he let out a soft cry & asked : "God, why me?"

Joe was a prayerful man & he believed in God. so does this mean God hates him, or Joe's hope in God was futile?
NO!.......God doesnt look to plants to help a man in need, he looks towards other men, like u & I, to come through when we see someone in despair, in desolation, in need. these occurences, give us an opportunity, to be an outstretched helping hand. the much (or little) we might have to spare, might be the "all" someone else needs to survive.
would you come across Joe, whoz lost all he has to a mishap & turn the other cheek, or could u be his hope for a better day for him n his lil theresa?

think about it.

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