the farmer looked up at the ominous skies, & could foresee that this wouldn't be the usual night. the stars were gradually disappearing behind the clouds that gathered, seemingly to plot something dastardly.
farmer joe was a decent man, who has lives on his farm in arizona, with his little family. He lost his young wife angela, to cancer earlier in spring and was left with his little 5 year old daughter theresa. his wife used to be there to assist in planting & tending to the crops in his little farm, but since she died, things have been a little more difficult being that he was now the father, the mother, the farmer, the procurement officer, & the harvester.
theresa fell ill shortly after her mother died, & this further diminished his little available resources, as he would have to drive quite some distance to the neighbouring county to get medical assistance, which was priced at a premium, but Joe wasnt about to lose his daughter a month after he just lost his sweet wife. theresa got well, n joe barely made it in time to plant his crops, as he did so in late June. he endured a torrid time, adjusting to new life, & their food reserves were fast depleting. on some occasions, theresa would walk up to his bed very late at night, woken by hunger pangs, and she wound stand bent, like a flailing stem of corn next to the head of his metal bed, as she would barely whisper, " father, i am hungry, & my tummy bites". @ this, Joe would get up & walk to the store room, pick out an onion bulb & hand to his little daughter, to help quieten her tummy.
all the while, he was hoping things would get better by October.
and now, on this cold chilly night in september, the skies are insinuating that his assumptions might be fatally wrong.......

(to be continued)

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