fictional piece

the chilling breeze of the night, brushes sharply against my bare shoulders, dried leaves razor-blades through the  night. the grass still warm under my shoe-less feet. a shrill noise reverberates through the otherwise quiet night, jerking me into hyper-consciousness, my eyes trying to pierce through the night, as i cower back into my crouched position behind the dried wrinkled log. i look up & i see the stars hiding behind the black clouds. the same black clouds that slowly enshrouds the crescent moon. i'm stuck in this forest, in the middle of no-where & i have no idea on how to get out, as the rain looms.
a streak of white flashes across the sinister skies, & a loud thunder claps (like a samurai sword on a flimsy pinata) bursting the clouds n pouring down the heavy rains. i jump up, out of my place & start running through the unforgiving night. running & falling, scraped & scratched, bruised & battered i trudge through. where i'm heading, i don't know, but i cant stop, not now. i'm thinking, how did i get here, what happened, is this re....... BAM! i hit my head against a sign post. "ouch".........lightning flashes again, the twinkling illumination, barely enough for me to make out what the sign-post says......."THE FEAR PARK - watch out for snakes". watch out for WHAT? how can i make it out of this sh**hole. i look into the skies, exasperated, as the rain pelted my eyes, & then i sense it, through all the clattering rain, i can hear it: slow, meticulous, calculated. i turn back & see it, glistening eyes slowly gliding towards me, & that ominous hissing.


check the tags, & see if you can match them to the characters they depict in this piece.

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