aluu killing

………and the boys were killed,

Blows…….repetitive,…..constant,…..harder,……….numbing. with every blow, the pain seemed to be dimishing. I see a man, (I think I recognise his face from my many previous visits to the area) & I try to plead my innocence to him… my weakness, I try to remonstrate faintly to him. He picks up a huge stick & whacks me in the face with it. My assailant. With this mob descending on us, do we need more aggressors? Really? The situation seems more & more forlorn. I open my eyes and see yet another slap imminent. I can’t as much as lift my hand to block the slap, I’m too weak, decrepit,……..debile. All I can do to defend my self from the slaps is close my eyes. I close my eyes, & wish it all is a dream,…….i’m still hearing the cacophony and the rambunctious crowd, unrelenting & unwavering. I open my eyes & turn to see my friends,…..naked (just like me), being beaten like rag dolls. I see their faces, bloodied……writhing & screaming in pains. Makes me wonder if I’m screaming too. I shut my eyes once again,……it must be a nightmare. This can’t be happening to me……not today. I’m not a criminal,….these people cant be this diabolic,…….is there something I’m not getting? This must be a nightmare that just feels real. I can’t be naked in front of all these people. They can’t be happy, celebrating me & my friends hacked & bludgeoned. My mouth feels full, with my own blood,.… throat is dry, so what do I do? Quench my thirst with my own blood? I spit out the blood. I remember how it all started in the wee hours of the day. It all started like a joke, a little skirmish. When we were marched to the king’s place, I felt finally, a voice of reason……..someone to stop this madness that’s been going on. Little did I know that, the madness hadn’t begun. The village king sanctioned jungle justice as commesurate punishment for our “purported crime”. I looked round, & we tried to protest, but slaps & “SHARRAPS” dampened our protests. We were led out naked, still bewildered, still thinking……”what is really going on here”? The looks on their faces & the eagerness to harm us was suggestive of some deep seethed grieviances, that till now, we have been ignorant of. All those side remarks, those times when you greet & they don’t reply, the times you buy stuff from the kiosks, & you feel the countenance of the guy was a bit rude……but you just brush it off. These people,…….have transformed from “rude people” to “aggressive assailants”.
A scream of : “make we burn dem” , greeted by cheers brought me back to reality. I open my eyes to see a bulky guy, putting tyres on the necks of my friends, one after the other. He’s coming closer to me with a tyre,……& some fuel. *pinch me, pinch me, pinch me* this isnt happening. I guess no one thinks about how he’ll die, but even at that, I never thought I’ll go this way. Roasted like a burnt offering, in front of people cheering. This is the stuff of movies. The stuff of demented, twisted, savage movies. The tire is round my neck, I feel the cold fuel on my naked skin, & I shut my self in anticipation for the heat that’s to come. In that split second I shut my eyes, & that split second feels like forever. Everything is slow,….everything flashes before me,….the events of this morning, the events of the year, the events of my life. My happiness & joys, my sadness & sorrows,…….my life. I’m truly a good person, & I don’t deserve to die this way. I really don’t.
I say a little prayer, as I feel the fire raging on my skin. I die amidst screams from my friends, & smells of burning human flesh.

- just my take on what might have been going through the mind of victims of the recent murder of undergraduate students in Aluu village, a community near Uniport.

may their souls rest in peace & may we never lose our lives, or the lives of a loved one to such gruesome callousness.


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