amazing grace

I was desolate, I despaired, I was confused. I turned round, & friends I trusted, threw me to the mercies of the elements. Even when I went out of my way to plead & explain the importance of my request, everyone turned their backs at me, some snickering, some giggling, some scornful, some indifferent. It was a rude shock, but a shock is always necessary. A shock is necessary at times, to jar one to consciousness. A shock makes you realize that what you considered your reality, is actually fantasy built on sentiments. With misfortunes or problems, your friends take of their masks, & you see them for who they are,.......(hmmm,....or is it that you take off your fuzzy glasses, & see who they've always been?)

But then again, hey, cant blame anyone. Its their prerogative to assist or not. I can only blame myself, for believing my friends can do for me, what I would have done for them if the tables were turned. I look around forlorn, & from the dark recesses steps forward my friend, who's been there all the while. My friend whom I failed to run to, who I trusted only by word of mouth. He comes to me at this late hour, when all hope is lost. I look to him, with that quizzical look, as if to ask, "can anything be salvaged?" "isnt it already late?" "can anything be done?" & all he says to me is: "trust me". Hmmmmm, what do I stand to lose? So I give it a shot. I trust fully, & take my mind off my issues totally. I've got a short time frame & a huge task, it seems impossible, but i trust. It seems insurmountable, but I trust, & just like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar, I can slowly but gradually see the beautiful butterfly, crack out of the cocoon. I can gradually see my problems, slowly being solved, mysteriously.........miraculously. An issue I have been battling for months, is solved within a few weeks of trusting my good friend. Not only do I get what I ask for, but truly I get even more than what I requested & I'm at a loss for words.

What a friend we have in Jesus. Carrying all our burdens, & making light work of it. Proving time and again, that indeed faith as little as a mustard seed can move the mountains and obstacles in our lives. Faith, is all it takes. True faith, that even when the storm rages, you dont lose hope, you dont lose your cheer, your calm that you've handed over your burdens to the one who is in himself, "ALMIGHTY". He is bigger than what we give him credit for, he is an awesome God & a dear friend.

Amazing grace,.......indeed how sweet the sound.

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