the voices in solitude (poem)

reach out, and touch it she said,......grasp it
hesitation, apprehension,....uncertainty.
I paused, I retreated, I coiled more into my fetal tranquility
but yet the voice repeated,.....grasp it.

come to me she said,....I wait for you.
I squint my eyes in the direction of the voice,
yet I see no one,.....I strain my ears, & hear no noise.
but yet the voice repeated,.....I wait for you.

She whispered, know you want me.
her breath on the back of my neck so light and warm
blowing through my hair, like breeze through grass in autumn
but yet the voice repeated, want me.

my arms outstretched,......I touched her.
as indeed she rightly said I wanted to
I felt her skin, I sniffed her hair, it felt like dejavu
I smiled,......her hands buried in mine,.......I touched her.

My hands cupped her face,......framing her fragile features
but no sooner had I held her, than she like sand poured through my fingers,
as the present becomes a memory, my smile barely lingers,
my brain like a camera,.......framed her fragile features.

And so I smile to myself,......... a smile sprinkled with bitterness
she was so mysteriously enchanting, but yet so painfully transient
you could have been courteous enough to say your name, I said beneath my breath,
then I heard the final whisper, as she said name is happiness

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